New Age Of Agriculture with Carolyn Steel

Caolyn Steel featured on Food On Point Podcast

Our theme this month is called “The New Age of Agriculture” and this week we’re diving deep with Carolyn Steel, author, architect and wisdom-inciter. Her book Hungry City(2008) and her subsequent work has been all about answering the question of how we will feed our growing population and our over-flowing cities. By studying our population growth and social structures through architectural, theoretical, anthropological and socio-political lenses, Carolyn combs through how we humans live on earth today, how it differs from the past and most importantly: how we feed ourselves and how that shapes our lives. It’s a seriously huge topic with a lot of dystopian forecasts, but with Carolyn’s humor, insight and utopian outlook, you’re sure to go away with something that will stir your heart, mind and eating habits!


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